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WSU Staff/ Student Mobile Verification-www.wsu.ac.za

Official WSU Staff/ Student Mobile Verification-www.wsu.ac.za

we are pleased as we keep you updated about WSU Staff/ Student Mobile Verification-www.wsu.ac.za



All staff and students gain access to the WSU network (including internet and email) with a password that is exclusive to each user and may not be divulged to anyone.

All network systems are monitored and may be used for official purposes only.


Go to learn.wsu.edu and log in with your Network ID (the first part of your @wsu.edu address), … Blackboard supports mobile use on both Android and Apple.

It is important that all staff and students communicate with the ICT Services via the ICT Service Desk to ensure all issues and faults are recorded:

  • Web – Login to the intranet > ICT service desk
  • Email – ictservicedesk@wsu.ac.za
  • Phone – 043 702 9321 (Buffalo City) 047401 6399 (Ibika) 047 502 2989 (Nelson Mandela Drive)

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WSU email accounts have been created for all registered WSU students.

If you cannot access your email, contact:
your departmental lab technicians/class rep/lecturer for ICT department to resolve or
go to http://servicedesk.wsu.ac.za/footprints/ict.html and click on submit request.


  1. HI

    As a wsu student I would like to comment about returning to school or not or giving study material.

    this problematic of lockdown that we are facing with due to covid-19 is going to make many of students to fail their modules including me.I do not know how to start reading books without introduction by our lecture’s,most lecture’s did not incude their credentials to blackboard for the way of communicating with learners.example:we don’t know what types of books are needed to be studied by us,we even don’t have their WhatsApp number’s for creating study groups.

    there are learners who are struggling to login on wise up group,which means they do not know what is happening to their school or to the subjects that they are doing.

    for me as a student it is difficult to go back to school beacause corona virus killed and can be easily affected from one person to another,so with my opinion I would like to say student must be given study materials


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