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TROPIKA Auditions 2022-2023

TROPIKA Auditions 2022-2023 | Full Gude

We are pleased to inform you about TROPIKA Auditions 2022-2023

Tropika has been bringing smooothness to the world for thirty-five years, having first launched way back in 1984. Made from a combination of fruit juice and dairy, Tropika is still the market-leading dairy fruit mix in South Africa.

In 2011 we launched Tropika Island of Treasure – an exciting reality show that sees celebrities paired up with everyday South Africans to compete to win R1 million. Together, these inspirational teams of two take part in super-cool events to prove their smooothness, and with such an incredible fan reaction, Tropika Island of Treasure is currently gearing up for its impressive ninth season. From Mauritius to Zanzibar, Phuket, Mexico, Jamaica, Seychelles, and the Maldives, Tropika Island of Treasure has taken South Africa by storm, and it only promises to get better from here.

In 2016, we won the ‘Product of the Year’ Award in the Dairy Beverages category at the Innovation Awards for Tropika Long Life, showing just how much our customers love the smoooth taste of Tropika, and the convenience of being able to keep it fresh for longer.

Picking up on the more health-conscious trends taking charge in South Africa, in March 2017 we launched Tropika Slenda in four new ‘twist’ flavours. Working together with a team to create a product that could speak to a new niche of customers, this product is able to deliver the same deliciousness that people have come to expect from Tropika in four amazing new flavours, but with no added sugar and less calories.

Once again proving South Africa’s love for the smooothest drink around, in 2019 Tropika was voted as the country’s Coolest Dairy Product in the Sunday Times Generation Next Awards. An annual survey conducted by HDI Youth Consultancy, the Gen Next awards poll more than seven thousand South African youths between the ages of eight and 23 on what they find on-trend and aspirational, and we’re proud to know that they love the smoooth taste of the Tropika island life as much as we do.

There’s nothing smooother than Tropika!


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