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SAPC Annual Fees 2022-2023| Fees payable

Official South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) 2022-2023 Fees payable to Council

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The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) reminds the profession of the newly published schedule of 2019 Fees payable to Council. For the registration of professionals, students, assessors, as well as establishments to be effective from 1 January 2019, the 2019 fees as scheduled should be paid by the indicated due dates. Paying 2018 fees for 2019 would result in the registration lapsing.

In terms of section 4(zG) of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, as amended, Council may determine the fees payable to Council without publication thereof in regulations. In practice, this would mean that new fees or amendments to existing fees will be determined annually by Council. As in the past, all efforts are made to curtail costs and keep any increases in fees to the minimum.

It is imperative that pharmacy professionals note the correct fees payable for 2019, as paying the incorrect fees may result in deregistration.

Click here to download the fees payable to the South African Pharmacy Council for the 2019 financial year.

SA Pharmacy Council bank details

Bank:Standard Bank of South Africa

Name of beneficiary:South African Pharmacy Council
Bank account number:011885866
Branch code:010145
Payment/beneficiary reference:Your account number with Council*

*Your account number is alpha–numeric:

Persons:P-number (P followed by a 5-digit number)
Pharmacy:Y-number (Y followed by a 5-digit number)
Provider:R-number (R followed by a 5-digit number)

Are your annual fees up to date?

The SAPC schedules payment due dates of the annual prescribed fees so that the fees for the different professional categories become due at varied times during the year. zainfo.co.za team, The SAPC also grants members a three-month grace period in which to settle the fees. The table below shows the annual payment dates for each of the categories.

2019 Fees payable to Council

The SAPC thanks those who have already paid their 2019 fees, and cautions members who fail to pay timeously that they may face the risk of having their names removed from the register. Settle your fees timeously to avoid the inconvenience of having to restore your name to the register.

Payment methods

Online credit and debit card method

We recommend that all pharmacy professionals pay fees conveniently through the safe credit or debit card payment method available on the SAPC website after logging in with your unique details. You not only enjoy the convenience of paying the fees wherever you are and at whatever time, but you also receive instant confirmation that your payment has been received.

Other payment methods

Fees can be paid into Council’s Standard Bank Account, indicated above, through the following methods:

    • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
    • Direct deposit (DD)
    • Credit/debit card at the SAPC offices

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  1. Please email me the amount to be paid for my 2020-2021 annual fee. None of your websites call it up. I am now retired after 45 years of service to the community as retail private pharmacist. I wish to stay on the registered role, but assume I can pay the retired fee now.

  2. i a m a Q post basic i want to now that how much do you pay annual fees for 2020 and i want to now if you mis to pay annual fees for this year how much do you pay next year.

  3. Good morning how much is the restoration fees for pharmacist assistant post basic including annual fees


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