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Nigeria’s Got Talent 2022-2023 | Auditions & Registration Dates

Nigeria’s Got Talent 2022-2023 | Auditions, Registration & Dates– www.nigeriasgottalent.com

We are pleased to inform you about Nigeria’s Got Talent 2022-2023 | Auditions, Registration & Dates

When will the Nigeria’s Got Talent  registration form be coming out for 2020/2021, how can i register for the Nigeria’s got talent 2020/2021 want to watch the video of the Nigeria’s Got Talent series, if you are among those asking this question i wil advise you to read this article slowly from A-Z.

The much anticipated Nigeria’s got talent show is simply a TV talent show which is related and Also part of the Got Talent franchise show. It is a widely viewed TV show watch by millions of Nigerians within and outside the shores of the country, the first season of the Nigeria’s got talent show was lunch in 2012 and was aired on AIT and NTA and was sponsored by telecommunication company Airtel.

  • 1 Who are the judges Of Nigeria’s Got talent 2022-2023
  • 2 Nigeria’s Got Talent Prize For Winner 2022-2023
  • 3 Format of The Nigeria’s got talent 2022-2023
  • 4 See Steps on How to Apply for Nigeria’s Got Talent Show 2022-2023
  • 5 How to apply for Nigeria’s Got Talent  registration

Who are the judges Of Nigeria’s Got talent for 2022-2023

For the show to be fun and lively the organizer of the program had to engage some respected celebrities that will act as judges their job is to handle the show from start to finish and they are a follows:

  1. actress Kate Henshaw,
  2. comedian Yibo Koko,
  3. and radio presenter Dan Foster,

Nigeria’s Got Talent Prize For Winner 

The winner of the show goes home with 10 million naira, honestly this cash is huge, they will still be given other prices.

Format of The Nigeria’s got talent 2022-2023

Like we just said there are selected judges that will handle the program and there are live audience spread across the 36 states of the federation who are anchored to the program.
The live audience watch the contestant as they perform while the judge serves as a moderator of the show.

  • First round: in the first stage each constant has to perform, if his or her performance is below the expectation of the judge, the judge is under instruction to press a buzzer that lights a red ” X” which comes up on the stage.
  • Second stage : before an act can proceed or advance to the second stage he or she must be able to get ” two yes” if he or she fails to get this “yes”s which must be at least two then the show comes to an end.

Note : the judges are under instruction to whittle down successful act to just 50. But before they are prone down the act are called back on stage where they will get to find out their fate.

  • Simi final stage : all successful act will be called to perform at this stage at this point the two most successful and popular act will win a position.

Note :if the judges feels that an act performance is below expectations they can still press all three ‘X’s’ buzzed to stop the act.

  • Final stage: at this stage, the judges steps aside and phone numbers are open up to allow the audience across the 36 state in Nigeria to cast their votes for their favorite act. Votes are counted and the act that has the highest number of votes is announce the winner.

See Steps on How to Apply for Nigeria’s Got Talent Show

  1. This show is strictly for Nigerians and you must be within the geographical area of the country.
  2. It’s advisable for an act to be up to 18 years of age but however if you are below 18 years of age you can still apply but you must take permission from your parents.
  • As expected your performance should be simple but if it involves dangerous stunt then you have to inform the organizer of the program before hand and if necessary you will be needing any equipment to perform you should get them your self.

Note:Please note that since the inception of Nigeria’s Got Talent only two seasons has be held. The first ever Nigeria’s got talent show was held in Abuja, Calabar, Benin, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu, and Lagos.

The top ten finalists were:

Name Act Occupation Audition city Position [7]
Amarachi Uyanne Dancer/Violinist Pupil Benin Winner
Boniface Ukeme Dancer Student Port Harcourt
Chuka Solace Rapper Student Lagos
Dr. Bariyu Ventriloquist Medical doctor Lagos
Godwin Stringz Violinist Student Benin First runner up
Impulse Acapella group Students Port Harcourt
DJ Mouth Beat boxer Student Port Harcourt
Jesse and ED Ballet duo Pupils Benin
Toke singer Pupil Ibadan
Xpendables Street dance group Students Port Harcourt

How to apply for Nigeria’s Got Talent  registration

The information that you need to provide in the Nigeria’s Got talent show registration form are as follows:

  1. Upload a picture (Optional)
  2. your First name and Surname
  3. your Stage name (Optional)
  4. your Date of birth
  5. your Street address
  6. your City
  7. your Nationality
  8. your Mobile phone number
  9. your Alternative number (Optional)
  10. your Email address
  11. your Occupation

Note:The registration form is not yet out once its out we shall inform you. Don’t forget to comment below with your name and email. We will surely get back to you once its out.


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