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Cats the Musical Auditions 2022-2023 | Application, Dates & Venue

Official Cats the Musical Auditions 2022-2022 | Dates & Details

We are pleased to inform you about Cats the Musical Auditions 2020-2021 | Dates & Details

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Auditions: CATS the Musical

Audition date: Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 1 PM – 9 PM

Venue: Playhouse Theatre Somerset West, Corner Lourensford Road & Swalle Road, 7130 Somerset West, Western Cape

Join them on Sunday 31st May 2020 for auditions for Cats the Musical. Directed by Darryl Spijkers.

Cats is a sung-through musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on the 1939 poetry collection Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. It tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make the “Jellicle choice,” deciding which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life. The musical includes the well-known song “Memory” as sung by Grizabella. As of 2019, Cats remains the fourth-longest-running Broadway show and the sixth-longest-running West End show.

Performances will take place 9 – 19 December 2020.

13h00 Ensemble only – aged 10+ (1 hour session)

14h00 Dancers/Gymnasts ONLY aged 10 – 14 (1 hour session)

15h00  Dancers/Gymnasts ONLY aged 15+ (1 hour session)

16h00 Grizabella and Old Deuteronomy (singing only) (1 hour session)

17h00 Featured Role Session 1 (ages 12 to 18) (2 hour session)

19h00 Featured Role Session 2 (ages 18+) (2 hour session)

Please apply below to book your audition slot and receive your audition pack.



Males & Females playing age 12 – 40

All must be very strong vocally as all named ensemble roles will come with various principal understudies. The following ensemble roles will be cast from this call: Coricopat, Plato/Macavity, Alonzo, Pouncival, Tumble Brutus, Cassandra & Tantomile.


Males & Females Ages 10 – 40.

Outstanding dancers with musical theatre/ballet/jazz technique. Some require excellent acrobatic skills – please highlight acrobatic skills on your audition form



Female, playing age 30 – 55.

Grizabella is a survivor, but she is vulnerable, and now outcast from the tribe. She was once very glamor-ous, but with age her beauty is fading. Sings “Memory”. An exceptional singer/actress with sensational, powerful vocals needed. Must possess a wide dynamic vocal range with rich lower tones, and wonderful high belt to Eb.


Male, playing age 30 – 55.

Old Deuteronomy is the beloved leader of the tribe. Seeking a mature actor with excellent high bari-tone/tenor vocals to G# with classical sound & vocal warmth. Must be able to express authority, dignity, wisdom, and humility – also great warmth and fun. Small amount of movement required.


Female, playing age 20 – 45.

Jellylorum is practical and loving, a storyteller. Sings “Gus the Theatre Cat” with Gus. Strong pop belt voice with the ability to also sing classical 1st. Must have a crystal clear top Db. Very good movement and come-dy skills. Tap dancing is a bonus.


Male, playing age 31 – 55.

Gus is the theatre cat – a fragile old cat who reminisces about his days of being an actor. A fantastic char-acter actor/singer role. In his dream, Gus becomes Growltiger – a swashbuckling pirate. Bustopher Jones: a distinguished, aristocratic tomcat. Good living has made him round and plump. Strong high baritone/tenor to G# and very good movement skills a plus.


Female, playing age 20 – 45.

Jennyanydots is the ‘Gumbie Cat’. Motherly, an Edwardian ‘do-gooder’. For this role, we require a charac-ter actress and very strong singer (to high Db) who must have strong tap dancing skills. Great comedy skills and good movement needed.


Male, playing age 20 – 35.

Rum Tum Tugger is the ‘rock-star’ cat, with a wild comedic sexuality. Must be a charismatic performer with a fantastic rock/pop voice with very strong falsetto, (able to improvise and ad-lib vocally) great pres-ence and good dance skills.


Male, playing age 16 – 35.

The son of Old Deuteronomy, who takes the lead in his absence. Sings “Old Deuteronomy”. For this role, we require an excellent baritone singer (good float ability in upper range) with a commanding presence. Very good movement skills required.


Male, playing age 14 – 35.

Skimbleshanks is the railway cat – a fastidious, neat and ordered cat, obsessed with punctuality and clean-liness, yet possessing a big heart and sense of exuberance. An excellent high baritone/tenor (exuberant and accurate) with very strong dance skills required. Must have authority and a bright personality. Maxi-mum height 5’ 10”.


Female, Playing age 17 – 35

Bombalurina is one half of the duo who sings ‘Macavity’. Tall and statuesque, a lightly sexual female, who is also a fierce protector of the tribe. Must be an excellent and experienced dancer with fantastic exten-sion, and also excellent mezzo vocals. Minimum height 5’ 8”.


Male, Playing age 17 – 32.

Mr. Mistoffelees is the magician – impish, with an expansive personality. Must be a phenomenal and excit-ing principal dancer with outstanding classical technique, who can execute multiple turns in à la seconde effortlessly. Gymnastic skills and tricks a plus. Good high baritone vocals. Ideally under 5’8”.


Female, Playing age 17 – 30.

Demeter is one half of the duo who sings ‘Macavity’. A neurotic, but highly intuitive cat. An excellent and experienced dancer with very strong mezzo vocals.


Male, Playing age 17 – 25.

Mungojerrie is one half of a notorious double act. He is cheeky, irreverent, young and full of energy. An outstanding dancer with acrobatic skills, excellent singing voice with bags of personality.


Female, Playing age 15 – 25.

Rumpleteazer is one half of a notorious double act. She is cheeky, irreverent, young and full of energy. An outstanding dancer with acrobatic skills, excellent singing voice with bags of personality.


Female, Playing age 12 – 23.

Young, curious and loves life. An excellent technical dancer. Must have a beautiful clear soprano with a choir boy purity, has solo vocal lines.


Female, Playing age 14 – 30.

Victoria is young, uninhibited and inquisitive with a beautiful physique. An outstanding dancer with excel-lent classical training and technique required. Must have exceptional extension and facility. Lines mostly spoken but singing is a bonus.

End date: 31-05-2020


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